fall into fitness  30 Day challenge

THIS is a free 30 day challenge to get you back on track!

Did you enjoy your summer just a little bit too much?
IF you're feeling like you could use a little bit of extra motivation to get back on track.. Then you've come to the right place!

Form healthy habits and have fun as we do this together!

Perfect for beginners.

Walk, jog, Run or join us for 30 minute workouts during the 30 days via our instagram live @strongwomensquadfitness 

What this challenge involves?

  • Be active for 30 minutes a day (Being active can include a walk, Jog, run or workout with us)
    We will be posting random 30 minute workouts live on instagram throughout the challenge


  • 10,000 steps a day 

  • Sober October - stay sober throughout october

1/10/21 - 31/10/21

  • 2L of water a day - stay hyrdated  


  • Daily check list - Post the daily checklist to your story and hold yourself accountable for each day. YOu can find this on our challenge post on instagram @strongwomensquadfitness